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Sound-Art / Art-Music on limited edition home made vinyl


29th October 2023

Pearl Home Records at National Poetry Library Open Day as part of the London Literature Festival, South Bank

We recorded vinyl records for visitors who created a 70 word poems with Keith Jarrett using cut up and erasure techniques. We also facilitated a record cover making workshop.


11th May 2023

New Release! Ruth Wiggins double single. Holy Loaf, poetry from The Lost Book of Barkynge

Mustard, and salt biscuits
The great famine

A double 7 inch limited edition single by Ruth Wiggins (Sound design and production by Nik Clifford and Dominique Golden.)

The poems on this recording are read by Ruth Wiggins and are extracts from her lyric history of Barking Abbey, The Lost Book of Barkynge, which was published by Shearsman Books earlier this year. The result is an immersive poetic encounter.

This work has been influenced by the deep listening theory of Pauline Olivera. It is a coming together of numerous elements, and ultimately remains true to the poet’s original voice in its pure form. The tone poem accompaniment supports the spoken word to enhance the emotive drive of the subject and is a mixture of field recordings and synthesized keyboard.

30th March 2023

POLEXIA! New 7 inch Single released 30th March! On Bandcamp and Norman Records!

Heißes Schmutzwasser
The Weeping Tide

Polexia! are a two piece industrial outfit consisting of Johanna Connolly & Jezebel Halewood-Leagas. Combining spoken word with immersive sampling and noise walls, their signature sound is both esoteric and unnerving. Following the release of their debut EP “Immolation” on SPINE Records, Polexia! s sound has entered new territories, embracing the influences of early experimental pioneers.

30th January 2023

New Single by Lou Barnell out now!

The new single from award-winning sound and performance artist and producer Lou Barnell. Inspired by the hall of mirrors versus reality, shifting self-perceptions, and illusions.

"F***ing cool stuff. It's a proper banger.The energy packed into these tracks is really powerful." Gazelle Twin

limited edition of only 25; on clear vinyl

Only 3 left at Rough Trade!

Lou Barnell Du Pain, Du Vin, Du Rizatriptan
Lou Barnell Jane X Jane

15th October 2022

Mammoth Beat Organ, Graham Dunning and Sam Underwood: Now Sold Out!



Graham and Sam are the original designers, builders and primary operators of this ingenious machine, best described as a cross between an inside-out fairground organ and an acoustic version of a tabletop electronics setup. It is a unique and eccentric instrument.

The Mammoth Beat Organ is always in development. Performances over the summer of 2022, including at Electromagnetic Field in Herefordshire, will showcase a new bellows system, a polyphonic disk siren and a mechanical bass banjo.


5th June 2023

Artillery’s mile long street part in Walthamstow

The performance is YOU. Getting the public to come and perform!


24th February 2022

Sold out!

Newham Folk Archive fantastic 7 inch with beautiful gate-fold sleeve. 

limited edition of 25 lathe cut! listen to the tracks:

Snakes with Nasty little faces

How many in a bowl


19th June 2022

Live at Walthamstow Trades Hall and on Repeater Radio. 

Djing from DVD , 1984 Show and Pearl Home Record. And also Mammoth Beat Organ record launch (now sold out!)


30th May 2022

3 Electro Knights at Rough Trade sold out!

sold out now on bandcamp, Norman Records and Rough Trade.

3EK I Move in Another Dimension


15th April 2022

DVD new single; limited edition of 25. 

Daisy by DVD


10th March 2022

Sally Child  plays the Whalophone

New amazing 7 inch single by Sally Child playing the Whalophone (also known as the aquaphone). Listen below…

Alice in Darkness

Atargatis’s Wail


24th February 2022

Live Broadcast on Repeater Radio at the Trades Hall, Walthamstow. 

Sound Art to Spoken Word with Kids Concert Club
Featuring record launch of Newham Folk Archive.
click here for link to the radio broadcast.


3rd June 2021

New Release! The Neon Vortex

Fantastic 7 inch on clear vinyl. Limited edition of 25. Go to BandCamp for purchase or more info!!

Sky Cutter




31st March 2021

New Release! Dogmatic Ways of Announcement

A Limited Edition Lathe cut 7 inch single. “2525”  a cover of Zager and Evans, and their own piece “Orange Pigments”


Orange Pigments


19th February 2021

Which Way Now/My Son is Partly Animal by Dominique Golden

Another  fantastic single from Dominique Golden (Silkess Demon)

My Son is Partly Animal

Which Way Now


28th January 2021

Waterfalls of the Highlands by Pearl Home Recordings

Beautiful sound recordings on 7inch Vinyl. Limited edition of 10

Incree Falls

Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall


11th December 2019

Brilliant new Single Ring Weep from Dominique Golden. Limited edition lathecut vinyl

Ring Weep 1

Ring weep 6 part2


21st February 2018

Pearl Home Records at TATE MODERN: Booth of Truth installation. Where participants recorded live to vinyl!



7th December 2019

Salon Salon. An  evening of sound art performance at PHR Home. 7th December.  Artists included, Ross Holloway, Helen Maurer, IVY NOSTRUM, Shona Handely, Adam Kinsey, Nik Clifford and Dominique Golden.


8th June 2019

An evening of sound art, spoken word and song:
Dominique Golden, Sally Child, Shona Handley, Adam Kinsey, Kate Squires, Ruby Walsh, Flo, Ella, DWA, Graham Clifford and English Magic


9th March 2019

SILKess Demon playing live on Resonance Fm, the Hello Goodbye Show on Saturday 9th March.


2nd February 2019

SILKess Demon Limited edition lathe cut single is available at NORMAN RECORDS

24th December 2018

SILKess Demon EP.

Call of the birds

A woman with pockets

Wet woman

Hang me

When I next see you we will both be dead


Lathe cut limited edition of 20, each in a unique sleeve by artist Dominique Golden. Former Jesus Licks band mates Dominique and Nik serve up 5 tracks of lo fi garage folk rock that explore primeval urges and untamed emotions via the guise of snakes and witches. Flutes like you haven’t heard since Jethro Tull went all folk rock. Songs from Epping Forest maybe? Lathe cut by Nik Clifford at home in Walthamstow.

Ross Holloway 2019


24th March 2020

Round Sound by Helen Maurer

new 7inch single. Lathe cut limited edition of 20.

side a: Round Sound

side b: The Singing Pool/Pins Make Me Breathe


I have been slightly involved in ‘Sound Art’ for a little while now and like Helen Maurer have attended Graham Dunning’s Sound Art courses at the Mary Ward Centre near Russell Square. It’s easy to mistake Sound Art for simply being experimental music, and there are certainly fuzzy edges between the two. When the group Einstürzende Neubauten mic-ed up singer’s Blixa Bargelt’s chest and pounded on it to make a rhythm track on early track Durstiges Tier was that Sound Art or just an unusual way of making music? But Einstürzende Neubauten were in the business of making songs, however unconventionally constructed. Similarly there have been noise musicians who have musically left behind musicality in way of melody and recognisable rhythm, such as Merzbow.

Merzbow are a good case in point, being in conception inspired by artist Kurt Kurt Schwitters, and specifically in creating music from ‘junk’. In this way experimental music is intimately tied up with Pop Art. Popular music’s relationship with Pop Art is exemplified by the Velvet Underground, coming out of Andy Warhol’s Factory, and Roxy Music, whose Bryan Ferry not only visited the Factory, but also studied under British Pop Artist Richard Hamilton in Newcastle.

Similarly Sound Art resembles Pop Art in utilising materials not usually associated with aural art-forms like music to create sound that is novel, surprising, interesting, even enchanting or simply enjoyable from what are thought of as generally non-musical sources, from rubber bands and other bric-a-brac, to found sounds or street recordings, over to some things more in the general musical domain such as turntables or old cassettes repurposed to make loops.

The Sound Art made in Graham Dunning’s classes by his students – I wonder whether one day they will be called his followers – is a long way from the ‘noise’ of Einstürzende Neubauten or Merzbow, and tends towards the quirky and playful, mellow and often quite bucolic.  Helen Maurer’s work I would place in this category.

Helen Maurer is an artist, as opposed to a musician in her background. There is a sense that she is creating aural sculptures or pictures in sound.

On ‘Round Sound’ she starts with a sound approaching like a motor running, a steam train approaching and then a metal hit. Echoes of a reverb-y room and toys falling and twirling. It’s a bit like a lot less menacing Einstürzende Neubauten (to my ears, although I’m pretty sure that Helen is not familiar with EN), or a dream of a haunted toyshop. I liked it.

On ‘The Singing Pool/Pins Make Me Breathe’ she starts with the a sound evocative of the station-master blowing his whistle, and they’re off with what sounds like a bubble bath choir, with a brief bit exploratory rubber band soloing, and afterwards more pleasant gurgling.  Pins takes us down to the basement where strange things are quaking.

It’s all quite enchanting. Is it music in the generally understood sense? Probably not, but it’s rewarding to listen to.

Ross Holloway 2019


Cutting vinyl with our MSS record lathe and a diamond stylus. Each “Lathe Cut” disc is individually recorded from the audio track.